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Superscope traffic routing

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  • Superscope traffic routing

    By the impending lack of IP addresses I was forced to change the DHCP scope to a superscope.

    Our new setup

    DHCP superscope (Windows 2003 R2)
    - Scope 1 - 192.168.0.x subnet
    - Scope 2 - 192.168.1.x subnet

    All DHCP requests are routed to the gateway/firewall (No DHCP relay agent). The firewall has IP-address and IP-alias

    The above situation works ok. But all traffic from 192.168.0.x to 192.168.1.x and vice versa is routed by the gateway. This poses no problem in daily use. When there is a deployment of workstation images its hard for the gateway (network performance).

    Is there a possibility to tackle this issue without requiring another IP range (172.16.x or 10.x.x).
    I think it is not in accordance with the standard to change the subnet to
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    Re: Superscope traffic routing

    no reason you couldn't change the subnet
    changing it to wouldn't solve your problem though I don't think.. (although my binary is rustier than the titanic)
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