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RDP, DHCP, IP - Access Issue. [Was: I dont even know...]

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  • RDP, DHCP, IP - Access Issue. [Was: I dont even know...]

    Im not sure how best to explain this issue, but I need help!

    2003 SBS server - (DC)
    XP Client - - Due to RDP being setup on this device, this IP was set as a static IP, later set via DHCP with a scope reservation


    Client is trying to access a remote server via RDP on a standard port (3389). It will fail to connect everytime, unless I let DHCP assign the IP from its pool. (Not reserved) When I allow it to assign as a reserved address it fails again. I can access the terminal server in question from other machines on the network including the SBS DC. I can only ping so far until I hit routers that dont respond to ping, but I get the same result from machines that can acces the TS.

    Thoughts? Questions?

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    Re: I dont even know...

    so you have a computer running terminal services, that is assigned an address via DHCP.

    When the address is assigned via reservation, you cannot connect to the Terminal Services port 3389.

    When the address is assigned dynamically, you can connect to the Terminal Services port.

    Is this correct?

    are ALL clients generating the same issue when they try to connect to the terminal server?
    Are the clients using a hostname, or an IP when they try to connect?
    what happens if you just try to telnet to port 3389 on the appropriate IP?
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      Re: I dont even know...

      I have an XP box running terminal services that is assigned an address via DHCP.

      When the address is assigned via reservation or manually assigned, I cannot connect to a particular foreign terminal server.

      When the address is assigned dynamically I can connect to the foreign terminal server, but then I cannot reliably port forward into the XP box when the user is home.

      I tested from another client that has a static address and it connects to the foreign TS fine. However it is not running terminal services itself, nor has port forwarding rules setup in the router.

      Telnet from the problem client fails, fine for everywhere else.
      I have tried hostname and the resolved IP, both fail for the problem client.

      Extra information -
      Problem PC is listening on standard 3389 TS port
      Router accepts incoming TS for that client using port 3395
      I am wondering if the problem is related to the port forwarding rules in the router somehow? Router is a SonicWall NSA 3300, I am a bit of a Sonicwall novice, but it looks ok to me.

      Also thank you for taking the time to look at this. I appreciate it more then you know.


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        Re: I dont even know...

        Check the IP the client gets assigned dynamically, and then change the reservation to assign that address. Does the problem still occur?

        You need to identify whether the problem is with the address or how the address is given to the client. If the latter, then there's something very strange going on.
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          Re: RDP, DHCP, IP - Access Issue. [Was: I dont even know...]

          Originally posted by smithtec
          I have an XP box running terminal services that is assigned an address via DHCP
          Please explain how you are running Terminal Service on an XP machine. This may be a terminology misunderstanding.

          I am also confused by your whole post (especially the Title which I changed). You have an SBS machine and XP TS on the same network. Where do all these routes you mention fit into the network?
          Are you trying to Remote in from an outside location?
          Has 3389 been Port Forwarded to the correct machine on the network?
          Are you sure the MAC address is correct for the machine set in DHCP Reservation?
          Has 3395 been set as the RDP port on the XP TS machine (assuming this is the port you want it to be connected via).

          When posting, remember you know your setup; we don't. You have to make a full and accurate description so we can try and understand what you are seeing and how it is configured. This is NOT easy to do as I have posted and neglected to include obvious (to me at least) information about my configuration. A drawing of your setup can save a lot of typing and describing. Post any drawings as a JPG.
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