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DHCP Subnetting for VLAN

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  • DHCP Subnetting for VLAN

    Curently running Server 2008 including 4 DC servers with DNS and DHCP
    Server 1: Range:
    Server 2: Range:
    Server 3: Range:
    Server 4: Range:

    Having some performance issues so would like to chagne the scopes to 192.168.x.0/24 and maintain the predetermined ranges. All users need access to the same servers but not to each other.

    So far, I have tried:
    - Deleting and recreating the scopes
    - Changing the subnet mask on the server's ip address
    - Added the subnet ranges under sites and services
    - Added the subnets under DNS
    - Manually added the new server address in DNS with /24 subnet
    - Removed DHCP role and re-added
    - Rebooted
    - Restarted DNS, DHCP Netlogon services

    Was getting error related to DNS not able to find the servers or any of the workstations but was not sure if this was because they had not registered yet. Manually added servers with new subnet to DNS.

    After all this, still no DHCP servers found. Had to recreate the original scopes to regain functionality. What am I doing wrong?????

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    Re: DHCP Subnetting for VLAN

    Have you added the IPHelper command on your switches for your VLAN's???

    Remember a VLAN segments your netowrk into its own broadcast domain and DHCP is a broadcast that will not traverse these boundaries.

    Adding the IP helper for DHCP into the relevant VLAN will listen specifically for a DHCP request and forward it to your DHCP server.