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New scope/Superscope monkey business - 2008 R2

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  • New scope/Superscope monkey business - 2008 R2

    Hi there:

    As our company is growing, I decided it was time to make sure we don't run out of IPs. Rather than delete and recreate our current scope with a /22 or something, I figured I'd add a new scope, pointing to our existing gateway. Then I put my new scope (/24) and my old scope (also /24) into a superscope. Everything looks good on the server side. But when I try to test by giving my laptop a static IP in the new scope, I cannot get to the network or internet.

    The connection in the systray says I'm on the network (hovering shows the network name), but has a yellow bang, and I cannot get to any network resources. Googling was no help; create a superscope was the best I could find.

    This has got to be something simple/stupid that I'm missing, right? Right?

    I might be sparse on the details here; AMA.


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    Having two different scopes/subnets, each as a /24 necessitates routing between those two scopes/subnets. It also necessitates having a router (or router interface) connected to each subnet. My guess is that's what's missing.


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      Wow, way to hard IMO. Change to /23 and change the Mask on anything that has a static IP. That way everything is on the same range. Remember KISS. Also think what might happen if Mr Bus takes a liking to you going to or from work. How will your replacement get on figuring out what you have done. With a /23 network, there is nothing to figure out.