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    I have a domain controller in london and a domain controler in leeds connected by VPN tunnel The london Server dchp is 192.168.3.* subnet which we are spilting the dchp. At the leeds server do we add a new subnet mask, In active directory and sites and services do i need a new subnet? so both server can replication AD?

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    Re: DCHP Question

    Keep the subnet masks the same and give Leeds a Class C Private range E.g. 192.168.4.x/24. Assign that range to the DC and DHCP server in Leeds and add the subnet to AD Sites and Services as belonging to the Leeds site.

    Your clients will try to locate a DC by AD site, which is determined by IP address. If you do not define sites you will have clients trying to authenticate to DCs all over the place, greatly increasing WAN traffic. You will also get Netlogon errors in the Evt logs if clients with IP addresses that are not defined in AD are trying to connect to your DCs.

    Unless you are using a VPN bridge (Usually software and usually quite flaky) a VPN tunnel will need to have different subnets on either end of it. Definitely wouldn't recommend a bridge, the only time I've ever used them is for Exchange 2003 clustering which has to be in the same subnet.
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