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  • DHCP Problem

    Hi everyone,

    I am running Windows Server Standard 2003

    Its DC, DHCP, DNS server. In server I have one network card with (fix ip) and also an ISDN modem with (this one is always attached but I don't use it always).

    Since couple of days I have a weird problem:although nothing is changed in configuration, DHCP is not working anymore. I tried restarting server and clients but nothing happened. I also checked log but no error inside. Tried reinstalling DHCP but no change. Only funny thing I noticed is that in DHCP console, in tree left it says SRV01 ( and underneath in scopes rest in configured with During setup I choose other NIC (one with but it still somehow reverted to 120 one. Is there anyway to say server that I want to use only 26.1 one for dhcp? ATM only 26.1 is authorized one

    Hope you can help me

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    Re: DHCP Problem

    What happens when you disconnect the modem from the server and reconfigure DHCP service with scopes and then connect the modem back ?

    Also, go to Network connections -> advanced -> advanced settings

    Look at the connections option and see if you have the Proper NIC with the highest order. The nic which is on top will take the highest priority for network communication.


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      Re: DHCP Problem

      Thank you for taking time to reply

      Already tried that and still happens the same

      Funny thing is, although is set with highest profile, during DHCP setup I can setup which server is DNS. If I try to resolve IP for it (I just type in SRV01 and press resolve) he still finds IP from other adapter (modem) although that one is disconnected from server at that moment. I already reinstalled whole DHCP and DNS and starting to fear that I'm going to need to reinstall whole server


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        Re: DHCP Problem

        If you're not using this modem in anyway, try to uninstall all of its (modem) component/services and any associated TCP/IP components with belongs to that. This will prevent any network services such as DNS,DHCP etc. to communicate it through the modem network components.

        Is it possible for you to give us some screenshots mainly the dhcp console and when you're trying to perform a name resolution ?


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          Re: DHCP Problem

          thank you for idea, will try it tomorrow

          Gonna try also with non-integrated card, and if that one also doesn't work I'll post some screenshots

          In any case, tnx


          Problem solved:

          reinstalling dhcp and dns, reinstalling all network drivers seems to do the trick

          Thanks for support guys
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