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  • Dhcp - dns

    Hi guys

    I have this configuration.
    and DHCP configured.

    the point is I was doing some testing.
    I got some Windows XP that when I add them to the domain controller they will automatically include an A record in my DNS
    for instance workstation1 that's OK

    but I want some Windows XP be part of workgroup. I just what them to get DHCP(which works OK) and interact with my DNS so they add their A records to my DNS like when adding machines to my domain

    But the DNS stuff it's not working they don't add their name to my DNS, I reboot them, try ipconfig /registerdns this is only for the PCs that are part of the default windows WorkGroup

    any idea? I attached a picture What ma I missing?

    thanks a lot
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    Re: Dhcp - dns

    anyone guys?
    it's no possible to do what I want unless I have my Windows XPs under a domain controller?


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      Re: Dhcp - dns

      Have a read here. It will probably answer your questions:


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        Re: Dhcp - dns

        You need to change the zone dynamic update setting to unsecure.