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  • Dhcp

    I currently have a Netware 6.5 DHCP server it is working passing out dhcp addresses. I am moving away from novell and to windows 2003; howerver, I cannot get DHCP to work. I have a router, a firewall, the firewall is in drop in mode. I configured DHCP as a test server. DHCP server address I configured the scope range just for testing - 100. I configured router option I cannot get the Laptop to recieve an dhcp address. What am I doing wrong. Also, I completed an exclusion list on the netware 6.5 server preventing the laptop from receiving an address from the netware server. Why can I receive an IP address from the Windows 2003 DHCP server?
    The laptop is on the same wire as the dhcp server.... I can add a scope of and the client will receive an IP address
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