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  • Split Scope DHCP Questions

    Windows Server 2003 single domain forest, one subnet. I recently ran DCPROMO on a member server giving me 2 DC's. DNS and WINS are running on DC2, up next is split scope DHCP, primarily for failover now and this scheme later.

    DHCP presently on DC1:
    distribution range: -
    excluded: -
    total addresses 154
    in use 81
    available 73

    The leases are set for infinite (I did not set this up) Correct me if Im wrong, but this should be changed. Some of these are for clients never to be seen again but since they were never released, they will never be available.

    After the split, what happens to clients that have IPs leased from DC1 that will be in DC2's scope? Presently, there are about 15. Should those leases be deleted first; is there a way to clear all the dynamic addresses in use and start fresh before the split without wreaking havoc on the network? Because DC2 will have to run the domain if DC1 goes down, Im leaning towards 50/50 instead of 80/20.

    Presently, in the excluded - range, there are static 50 addresses in use so far.

    In a 50/50 split scope, should it go like this:

    DC1 scope: -, excluded: - and -
    DC2 scope: -, excluded: -

    At what point does the split scope go into effect, when DC2 has been authorized on DC1 or before?

    In the lease list, there are 2 BOOTP leases that have no name with expiration dates of 11/25/09, leased about 15 minutes apart, and a DHCP infinite lease with no name.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice. Thank you very much!