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Event ID 1059 - Source DHCP & event ID 33 - Source print

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  • Event ID 1059 - Source DHCP & event ID 33 - Source print

    Hi all of you,

    It's my first posting on a forum so please be indulgent with me .

    I'm encountering these errors on W2K3ServerR2 set as native 2003.

    I have two servers, the master for AD, DHCP, file sharing, etc and the secondary who's supposed to host Exchange at a later stage.

    Everything works fine until I replicate AD on the secondary server by using DCPROMO. If for any reason I have to restart or shutdown my prymary server then this error appears.

    I have setup a secondary DNS server on the replicate with prefered DNS servers pointing one to another and the alternate pointing to himself.

    All info and literature point to a DNS error. However I've run all tests : DCDIAG, NETDIAG, NSLOOKUP and no error shows up.

    For complete information I have not satisfied myself by running the basic tests but have performed all tests in-depth and they do not show anything wrong

    Funny thing is that when the secondary server is online and I reboot the master server these errors are nor recorded in the master server event viewer anymore.

    Even though MS information tells that these errors are nor harmful and can be ignored, they slow up the boot sequence of the master and I want to try to solve them before proceeding with Exchange install.

    Does one of you guys have an idea on how to solve these errors.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Event ID 1059 - Source DHCP & event ID 33 - Source print

    Is DNS installed and configured on the new DC? Also make sure that server is a Global Catalog - you will need both on this server for it to process authentication requests.

    I would not advise installing Exchange on a DC though.
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      Re: Event ID 1059 - Source DHCP & event ID 33 - Source print

      Hi Guru,

      DNS is installed and configured on the secondary and it's a Global Catalog.
      I know that it's not a good idea to setup Exchane on a DC. I chose that option to have access to the domain users container.
      How else should I proceed in your opinion?