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Chid - parent validation error messages

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  • Chid - parent validation error messages

    The root domain is the DC for this domain is the child domain created is on attempting to validate two-way transitive trust the folowing error was given "The secure channel (SC) reset on domain controller \\ of domain to domain failed with error: There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request."

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    Re: Chid - parent validation error messages

    at what DNS is the child domain DC pointing ?
    running dcdiag + netdiag and looking for the errors should help you focusing on cause of the problem.
    Guy Teverovsky
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      Re: Chid - parent validation error messages

      There should be a two-way transitive trust in place by default when you create a child domain. What exctaly are you trying to accomplish?

      "No logon servers..." is a very generic error message so may need more info here

      Is the trust broken?
      Give me a better picture of you dns structure, incl delegeation if you have set it up.
      Any netlogon based error meesaged on the DCs