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Active Directory2k-2k3 Uprade steps

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  • Active Directory2k-2k3 Uprade steps

    I need some help to make sure I am doing the AD 2000 to 2003 upgrade in the right sequence. I will briefly mention the current setup and will list the sequence of steps I am perfroming. Please let me know if it is correct.
    We have a AD 2000 network( upgraded from NT4.0 3 years back) with single forest and single domain that spans 4 sites with DC in each site (different IP subnets). Each DC is a Global Catalog server. We also run Exchange 2000.
    Upgrade steps:
    1) In place upgrade of exchange 2000 to 2003. It went smoothly with out any major complications. This task was completed 2 weeks back.
    2) Perfom adprep/forestprep on schema master and adprep/domain prep on Infrastrucuture master servers. these two roles on different 2000 servers.
    Task completed with any error
    3) perform DCPROMO on windows 2003 member server and installed AD with out problem. transferred all FSMO roled to 2003 server (except schema master). Schema master role is still on windows 2000 with exchange 2003.

    My concerns:
    1)The doamin functional level still says windows 2000 mixed mode. Will it change after I upgrade the win2000 server that plays schema master role?
    2) under schema mmc, I see that there is a check box for " allow this server to modify schema" this is not checked in the current windows 2000 server that is playing schema admin role. Is this a problem?
    3) Can I transfer schema admin role to the windows 2003 server that i recently promoted to Domain controller. This server also has all other FSMO roles?
    4) how to setup replication on windows 2003 server with frewall turned on? I had to disable the windows firewall to make it a DC and to have the NTFRS replicaiton go smoothly with the existing windows 2000 DC's.

    Sorry for the long post and I appreciate any help


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    Re: Active Directory2k-2k3 Uprade steps


    1) No the domain functional level will not change, if you want to move to W2k3 native mode, you have to manually do it.
    2) No this is not a problem
    3) Yes you can transfer the scheme master role to the new w2k3 server
    4) I would recommend you to keep the firewall disabled on the w2k3/sp1 box, but if you wish to keep th firewall enabled for security reasons refer to this KB

    How to configure Windows 2003 SP1 firewall for a Domain Controller


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      Re: Active Directory2k-2k3 Uprade steps

      Thanks Kunal.