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Help needed - trying to make a AD copy from a 2003 server

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  • Help needed - trying to make a AD copy from a 2003 server


    I'm trying to install a copy of Active Directory in a test environment. We have 2 DC, one of them holding the Global Catalog, win 2003 server + sp1.

    I made a backup of the system state on the DC that holds the GC. When I tryied to restore on the test server with "authorative restore" from the backup, the server crasched.

    My question is: can I instead install the test server on the network (different name, IP etc) as a DC and enable the GC on the test server so the AD replicates? What happens afterwards if I just disconnect the test server from the network? Do I have a copy of the GC on the test server or I just moved the hole GC instead? As I understand is this procedure used to move the GC from a server to another. You should disable the GC from the old server after.

    I'm not sure if I made myself understood. The purpose with this is to have a identical AD environment that we can use for testing.

    Thank you!
    Daniel R

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    Re: Help needed - trying to make a AD copy from a 2003 server

    If you are restoring to different harware, using System State might indeed give you a hard time as you will have to deal with storage drivers incompatibility.

    The other way (as you have already noticed) is:

    1. Install a new server as an additional DC in the production network
    2. install DNS and make the new server a GC
    3. make sure the replication is working, run dcdiag/netdiag/etc... checks on the new server
    4. disconnect the new server from production network
    5. perform metadata cleanup to remove the remains of the new server in the AD
    6. put the new server on a different network (notice that is hosts domain with the same name as production domain and you want to avoid having the new server on the production network)
    7. on the new server sieze the FSMO roles - make the new server own all the FSMOs
    8. If required, update IP settings of the DC and make sure it points to itself as primary DNS (and does not point to other production DCs)
    9. on the new server perform metadata cleanup and remove all the production DCs from the test AD
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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      Re: Help needed - trying to make a AD copy from a 2003 server

      That means that enabling the GC on the test server only makes another copy of the current GC and it will not affect the production network.

      I'll do that first thing on monday morning.

      Thanks a lot, Guy! I appreciate it!

      Daniel R