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Merge child and parent domains

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  • Merge child and parent domains

    I just started reading up on Domain Renames, but I wonder if that is what I would do to merge a child domain with my parent. I have a bunch of users at a remote office that are part of my child domain. SOme of the users are starting to move back and forth between Remote Office and Main Office. I've decided ti would jsut be easier being 1 Domain and was going to recreate all the objects in my Parent/Root Domain. Is it possible to just merge the 2 together to avoid recreating objects and resetting permissions and shares?

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    Re: Merge child and parent domains

    I'm setting up a test environment. Any knowledge of this would be nice. I will reprot back with my learnings.


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      Re: Merge child and parent domains

      There are some factors that need to be considered before deciding which approach is the best.
      - is Exchange involved ?
      - do you have PKI deployed and you are issuing certificates to the users ?

      In most cases like that you'd end up using ADMT to migrate the user accounts to the parent domain, but again - some additional info about your environment is needed.
      Guy Teverovsky
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