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Global Catalog in DNS

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  • Global Catalog in DNS

    Hi guys, in my quest to sort out inherited dns mess in AD, there is something that bothers me:

    We've got AD-integrated DNS, W2k servers, 3 domains in a forest.
    DNS zones delegated from BIND.
    2 of our domains historically have GC - one in each domain.
    We've now added GC for the last domain as well.

    All DNS servers configured with the registry key "RegisterDnsARecords" set to "0" to stop the servers registering any A records dynamically.
    For this case a manual entry for GC should be created in gc container in DNS.

    Done all this - all fine. The question is though:
    in gc container I can only see A record for the gc, that I've created manually myself. However, we've got 3 gc servers in a forest and SRV records does show all of them properly.
    Common sense tells - there supposed to be A record for each gc in DNS _gc container. Should these be manually created as well? And how not having them may affect domain performance, since it's been like that for a good couple of years without any problems so far?
    Many thanks in advance
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    All the GCs in the forest need to register their A records under DNS zone.;EN-US;258213

    You can disable this behavior by using the RegisterDnsARecords registry key. The RegisterDnsARecords registry key disables all A record registrations performed by Netlogon, but the registration of gc._msdcs.DnsForestName A record(s) is required
    If the GC's A record is not there, the forest will not be aware of the GC.
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