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deny logon from certain groups to certain computers

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  • deny logon from certain groups to certain computers

    u can define for each user "logon workstatins",
    but can i define to certain computers only 1 global
    group (+ domain admins, of course) that will be allowed to logon on to,
    and by that restrict all the other domain users from logging on?

    * because of a certain feature we've got on the domain, the local
    administrators group contains the domain users

    10x in advance

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    Create a new GPO and configure the settings as shown in the attached picture.

    May I ask what feature is that ? Do you want to tell me that all the users are in local Administrators group on DCs and member server ?
    Are you aware that this means that any of them can become pretty easily a Domain Admin ?
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    Guy Teverovsky
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      can i apply this policy on all the department computers at once, or should i do it comuter by computer?

      and as for your q: each time user X preforms logon, he's bein' added to the local administrator group on the specified computer.