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Active Directory Disaster Recovery

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  • Active Directory Disaster Recovery

    What are people's thoughts on Active Directory Disaster Recovery ??

    I have a client with a single W2K server which controls WINS, DNS, DHCP, logons, printers and data. He then has a Exchange 2000 server, an SQL server and a remote site server, all of which are domain controllers and other lower spec member servers carrying out individual functions on the LAN

    He wants a 'cost effective' ( or cheap ) solution where if the main AD server fails, his users will experience no downtime at all and the changeover will be seemless

    We have explained that this is possible, but it involves more servers, licenced copies of software and at least an understanding of the AD tombstone period and a large budget.

    So far, he cannot grasp it and today asked us if CA Brightstor High Availabilty was an answer as its only 1000

    Can anybody advise on how they have they systems configured or what they would suggest.

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    Re: Active Directory Disaster Recovery

    Having no personal experience of it i can only comment on what i've read about it.

    It looks like they will still need to buy a server and licence it to run the software.

    Why not just implement a new server solely as a DC.


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      Re: Active Directory Disaster Recovery

      Having delved a little deeper and spoken to a helpful supplier, It seems that what they want to achieve is only possible by using clustering.

      They need to have a mirrored pair of servers both connected to a data store of some sort. The cheapest option is W2K3 Enterprise Edition with its built in cluster software, or they will have to spend out on some more powerful software, ie Symantec Veritas Application Exec and Cluster Server.

      We are a bit of out of depth with clustering, so we hope they will go for our original plan where they do experience slight downtime, plus they will never spend the money to go for a full cluster system anyway.