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  • Move users (from a file)

    i have a list of users in a .csv file that i want to move to a certain OU.
    I have only the samid of the users, not the dn.
    so my goal is a script that can get the user dn (of the users in the csv) searching the directory and the give the results to dsmove (by a pipe or another file)
    thanks, for help,

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    Re: Move users (from a file)


    I'm short on time right now but in addition to dsmove.exe, one of the following two commands might also get you what you need: csvde.exe and ldifde.exe (short of constructing a VB or WMI script from the ground up in ADSI).

    It may also be worthy of using ADU&C to perform a query to tag the majority of the users you want to move, highlight them all and then perform the move function in a GUI.

    Similarly, you could perform a dsquery and then a dsget to return the DNs of the user objects which you could then use to move using dsmove.

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      Re: Move users (from a file)

      that's ok to get the dn by a dsquery.
      the point is how to give dsquery the records (the csv file)
      to explain:
      i don't need to do a dsquery to the whole directory, but only for the users in the csv file

      regards, pacho