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  • DNS Related

    I will be using this guide to add internet access to my LAN:

    But I have ask would there be any side effects as to loosing my LAN????
    Real goal is Clients get internet access while other systems stays on the LAN.

    My LAN has 10 unix boxes 4 files servers, 1 Ad intergrated DNS, and 12 Windows 2000/Xp clients. Everything gets static ip's assigned.


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    Re: DNS Related

    The only gotcha AFAIK is if as explained in the article you linked to, the DNS has a "." (root) zone. Remove it as explained here
    and you should be OK.

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      Re: DNS Related

      My network is currently just on a LAN.
      It has been requested thatt everyone need Internet access. We are connected to HQ who gave 32 ips
      They provided me with a router/ and 2 managed switches.
      What I have been doing is adding the new ip, subnetmask, dns and default gateway to TCP/IP properties in a test machine.
      Ofcourse do so forced the test computer to loose the drive mapping by server name- but able to reach with the ip.

      I found and I read this article Wouldn't I have to assign the AD to the new ip address as well: [the new ip, subnetmask, default gateway and delete the "." for forwarders put in the DNS given by the HQ?

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