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General sysvol replication / group policy question

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  • General sysvol replication / group policy question

    I have a question regarding sysvol replication for login scripts via group policy. I understand the location for group policy login scripts is

    %SystemRoot%\sysvol\sysvol\<domain DNS name>\<policy GUID>\user\scripts\logon

    So does this mean that all files in the scripts folder will be replicated to all DCís? We are migrating from NT 4.0 to WIN 2003 AD soon and have a pretty complicated login script. It performs some tasks based on location info that is read from an .ini file. We will have 50 locations (50 DCís) so each one will have a unique .ini file. In the NT days we simply put all .bat, script/vbs, and ini files in the scripts folder, but had to maintain it on all servers. Looks like the same will be partially true due to the unique ini files so my question is this, right?
    So should I put the ini files in a separate directory from the rest of the .bat, script/vbs files in the scripts folder? Iím thinking because the scripts folder will replicate to all DCís and I donít want that for the ini files.

    Thanks for any info-

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    Re: General sysvol replication / group policy question

    Any thing beneath %SystemRoot%\sysvol\sysvol\<domain DNS name>\ will be replicated to all the DCs in the domain.

    It could be a good time to reconsider the implementation of the logon script and have all the settings placed ina central repository file/db and have the logon script pull the relevant settings based on the AD site, subnet or authenticating DC (excel or even flat text file can do it).

    If you want to keep the things done the old way, you will have to maintain a seperate share on each and every DC in the AD - quite a nightmare if you ask me.
    Guy Teverovsky
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