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DHCP, DNS, WINS clashing with FSMO

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  • DHCP, DNS, WINS clashing with FSMO


    Quick question

    I have a problem site where a potential client wants to move DHCP, DNS and WINS onto another server and wants us to do it. I think there is no specific reason except that it will 'look nice'

    Is there a guideline with regard to FSMO roles and DHCP etc, and whether it is wise to have the above services clashing with certain roles already on a particular server and what is the best way to arrange everything ??

    They have three servers and this is what I have found

    DC holds all the FSMO roles
    DR has DHCP, DNS and WINS
    MAIL is the Global Catalog

    I know what the recommended setup is the the FSMO roles and how they should be arranged, and the above is not ideal, but I don't want to move these around the servers and then they clashe or cause problems with DHCP etc.

    Many thanks


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    Re: DHCP, DNS, WINS clashing with FSMO

    DHCP/DNS/WINS have no dependancy on the FSMO roles. You can more those around however you want (well, obviously AD integrated DNS zones have to reside on DC).

    btw, is MAIL the only GC in the AD ?
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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      Re: DHCP, DNS, WINS clashing with FSMO

      Thanks for the reply.

      I though it did not matter, but I am waiting to hear back from my client with regard to what he really wants each of his servers to do, so I can arrange the FSMO and DHCP etc on the best servers.

      Mail is currently the only GC, but I want to give another member server the role as well within his AD.

      He has named the servers for what job they specifically did, and he now wants his DR ( Disaster Recovery) server to not be used for Disaster Recovery. Can't get it in to his head that he cannot just rename it under AD !!!.

      At least I can argue the toss with him when he replys to my mail.

      Thanks for your help GUYT