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  • Namespace Error

    Hi Group,

    Hope you can help me with this.
    I have setup two DC's with DFS Replication between both of them. The
    servers are Windows 2003 R2 with DNS configured for AD. The replication
    is working fine. I can access my files via namespace server even when i
    shutdown one of the DC's.
    But, when i shutdown the first of the DC's which i had installed and
    then try to check the namespace properties from DFS Manamgement console
    i get this error -

    \\\files: The namespace cannot be queried. The specified
    domain either does not exist or could not be contacted.

    I dont know why i am getting this error ? Could it be because the first
    DC which is acting in PDC emulator FSMO role is down ?

    Please let me know. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Namespace Error

    Are both servers GC's?


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      Re: Namespace Error

      Thanks for the prompt reply.

      Yes both of them are acting as GC's. The interesting part is that as i mentioned in my previous post is that even if i shutdown the first DC, i get this error but i can still access the files which are on the second DC.

      I really dont understand what is going on ? Are there any good diagnostics tools which can detect this problem ? Can this problem be associated with DNS configuration ? DNS zone transfers are taking place as well.



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        Re: Namespace Error

        well i got the reason for this problem. I am not sure whether MS have put it in their docuementation.

        ************************************************** ******
        The behavior is unchanged - if the PDCE is offline, DFS will continue to
        work as a system, but you will no longer be able to manage it through the
        snap-in. In the new DFS management console you get an error on this
        (specified domain does not exist or could not be contacted) when you browse
        the namespace. In the legacy DFS console, you see no namespaces with no
        errors - as you probably already know!

        To explain why the PDCE is used:

        Domain-based DFS stores its namespace information in a binary blob attribute
        in AD called 'pKT'. Since this is a single attribute, it's necessary to
        force all the standard management tools to go to a single DC for editing
        purposes. Otherwise if we had two admins editing DFS at the same time, on
        two different DC's, the admin that saved last would overwrite all the
        changes made by the other admin when replication converged.