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  • Domain Controllers

    Need some advice. We have a Domain Controller here which has dying disks. It is running Windows 2000 server. Basically its role is BDC, Global Catalog server, and has DNS on it.

    So, our plan is to recreate this server from scratch. We will use Windows 2003. We want to keep the same server name.

    After reading a few Technet articles, I concluded that the safest way to do this is to use dcpromo and demote the domain controller. Then delete the computer account in Active Directory. Install the new machine, give it the same name, and then use dcpromo again to install Active Directory. Wait until everything replicates and I should be fine.

    Does this sound good or am I missing a few steps?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Domain Controllers

    As long as you have other DCs in the domain, this should work.
    Do not forget to transfer the FSMO roles from the dying server (if it has any)
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      Re: Domain Controllers

      Also, make sure you have another DNS server on the network.


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        Re: Domain Controllers

        Yeah you pretty much have it.

        The way i would do it if i have 2 DC's running on the network.

        1. Backup the server to tape.
        2. Image the drives if possible.
        3. Transfer any FSMO roles the machine has.
        4. Transfer/Create/Use a different DNS server.
        5. DCPromo the machine back to a member server.
        6. Remove the server from the domain.
        7. Delete the Computer account from the domain.
        8. Run through the metadata cleanup process to ensure the old DC is gone.
        9. Re-install Server 2000 once you have replaced the failing drives.


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          Re: Domain Controllers

          Did you say you will be putting a Windows 2003 server in place? Is this the first 2003 server? If so, you will need to prep your forest and domain for the 2003 schema extensions. The AD set up wizard should guide you through that when you dcpromo your new server.