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display name in AD

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  • display name in AD

    when i create a user in my active directory i have 3 fileds:

    first name: John
    last name: Daniel
    full name: John Daniel

    after user has been created i see his name as "John Daniel"

    if i create a user and put only first name: "John" i see that name in AD than i want to change this name - i go to ad and i add his "last name" and "display name" yet after i do that still shows up as "John".

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    Re: display name in AD

    When you create a user account via GUI, the displayName and CN attributes are constructed automatically based on the first and last name you provide. Later, when you edit the last name, the displayName and CN attributes are not updated.

    If you want an easy way, just right-click the account and use the "Rename" option in the context menu - this will let you update all the attributes involved.
    Guy Teverovsky
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      Re: display name in AD

      edit: guyt was faster

      Indeed, it almost seems like a bug

      To change the Full name :
      1. Select the user
      - Right click and choose "rename" (or press F2)
      - the username box becomes editable
      - type the full name (add the last name "Daniel" after "John")
      - press "ENTER"

      2. New windows opens, prompting for name information.
      - Fill in the other boxes as needed (last name in this case)

      All done.


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        Re: display name in AD

        thank you for the fast comments. that sure works.