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Active Directory timeout ?

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  • Active Directory timeout ?

    I'm having this problem on my Active Directory Server 2003 Domain. Some clients that stay logged in for more than 2-3 days lose their connectivity to the domain. Meaning, in order for them to access network resources, they have to relog on back to the domain. A lot of people normally shutdown their workstations every night but some people leave their pcs on. Is this a setting in AD or do I have a problem ?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Active Directory timeout ?

    Try to get your hands on one of the clients that is experiencing the problem and run on it klist.exe or kerbtray.exe (both are part of W2K/W2K3 Resource Kit) to verify that the client is not experiencing problems with renewing it's Kerberos ticket (both TGT and session tickets)
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