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W2K Active Directory - Bad Domain Controller Hardware

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  • W2K Active Directory - Bad Domain Controller Hardware

    I have a (4) server W2K active directory system for a single domain. One of the servers is having hardware issues and I need to replace the hardware. It is functioning well enough to be able to dcpromo to demote it. It does not hold any of the key domain roles. The catch is I also have a couple of apps that tie directly into the bad domain controller by name and IP. I need to build a new box and promote it into the domain with the same name and IP. I wanted some input as to the process. The bad DC is also running DNS and DHCP.

    Here is what I have so far...
    1. dcpromo - demote bad DC
    2. make sure AD is clean of bad DC - metadata cleanup if necessary
    3. bring new server up on network and give it old DC name and IP
    4. install DNS, DHCP on new server
    5. dcpromo - promote new server