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Link subnet to a Ou, or object

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  • Link subnet to a Ou, or object

    Hi heres my question.

    I wonder if you can link a subnet(created in active directory sites and services, or dhcp) to a Groep or an object.

    For example: I got a groep(ou) named Management, with users in it for example Management1.

    What i want to do is that, when users log on to a random pc, they get a ip adress signed from the dhcp and within the subnet assigned in active directory or dhcp.

    What my reason for this is , that different departments cant look in eachothers pc, thats why i want to use different subnets within the domain.

    thanx for helping

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    Re: Link subnet to a Ou, or object

    Sounds like what you want is a VLAN mate, rather than doing this with AD.

    Most decent 3COM switches will allow VLAN setups. This way you can segment your LAN into Dept's such as Accounts, Engineering etc.

    Cisco have quite a lot of literature on the subject, just google for Virtual LAN and see if it's suits you.

    Hope this helps



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      Re: Link subnet to a Ou, or object

      Really i didnt think about that!

      Thanx for a reminder
      No your right i just need to config it with vlan Tnx!