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2003 server gives 2000 error

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  • 2003 server gives 2000 error


    I have a 2003 domain controller that has never been in a 2000 or nt domain.
    It was installed as a 2003 server and been a fully functional 2003 DC for nearly 2 years. it is the only dc in the forest.
    I have a new 2003R2 server as a member in the domain and am trying to promote to a dc in the same forest as a replica dc. all attemts to do so have errored out with errors that make it seem like I have a 2000 dc. the last of witch reads:

    "The operation failed because:

    Active Directory could not be restored,
    because the backup files were taken on a different build of the operating system. User Action Use a backup of the same build of the operating system and retry the restore operation."

    When I do a run/winver I get the same build on both machines. The only difference is in the title where the new server says "windows server R2"

    Any Ideas out there would be appriciated.


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    Re: 2003 server gives 2000 error

    Have you run forestprep and domainprep on the existing DC ?
    R2 brings in some schema extensions, hence you need to prepare the forest/domain before DCPROMO-ing R2 into existing 2K3 forest
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      Re: 2003 server gives 2000 error

      Thanks for the reply.

      I found the answer. In order to allow an R2 machine to be a DC on an existing2003 domain you have to run adprep from the R2 disk to extend the scema to the non R2 DC.

      Stick the R2 disk into the drive (not the k3 SP1 disk) and browse to
      \CMPNENTS\R2\ADPREP. That is the version you need to run against the k3
      schema master.

      Once that was done, DC promo ran without a hitch.

      I hope this will help some others as well.