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  • site config for remote DC's


    I posted somthing the other day that was a bit long-winded. I've since done some reading and narrowed down my question much more. Here goes...

    Whatís the best way to config sites, links etc when building DCís in house and then shipping? I will be migrating about 50 branch locations from NT 40 and the WIN 2003 DCís will be built in our current WIN 2003 Datacenter Ė then shipped onsite.

    I was thinking of these steps after the branch DC is built.

    1. Create new site
    2. Ensure site links to default-first
    3. Add subnets
    4. Move branch DC into this site

    Does this sound correct? I move the branch DC into the new site when it arrives onsite or before I ship? Does it matter? I guess Iím just confused on how things will function before and after it is built/shipped? When itís fired up in the remote site (after being moved into itís site container) it should communicate because the site-link is created?

    Thanks for any info-

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    Re: site config for remote DC's

    You might want to consider creating a dedicated "Staging" site, where all the newly built DCs will be put right after the initial build. This will make sure that those DCs are not covering other sites, do not register themselves as covering sites to where they will be shipped and that clients do not try to authenticate against it.

    after the DC is built, tested, etc, ship it to the branch office and after it is up with it's new IP settings and replication is working, move it to the site it is supposed to be covering.

    The most important thing here is: move the DC to another site after making sure it is replicating without any errors.
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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      Re: site config for remote DC's

      Thanks. I was consideringa staging site but duplicating the IP's could be a hassel. I posted to another group and have come up with this plan.

      1. Create site, site links, and subnets on existing 2K3 DC (in house)
      2. Build server in house - Install and config WIN 2003
      3. Ship server
      4. When onsite - dcpromo, install dns etc.
      5. Then after replication, I can move the newly promoted DC into it's
      site where all the local subnets exist - which should make clients happy?

      DC's need a static IP. What I was origianlly thinking - build and promote in house and move into site, then ship. Or if I move into the site after it arrives. Sounds like either way I will have issues to resolve wit5h this plan.

      I guess I was trying to complete as much initial replication (post
      promo) while the server was in house with a fast LAN connection to
      another DC. By promoting onsite, I'll have to wait over the WAN links - no big
      deal. Probably better to wait a bit longer upfront than have a bunch
      of issues to resolve upfront.

      Do the plan above sound good to you? Thanks again!



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        Re: site config for remote DC's

        Sounds like a good plan.

        When I said "staging site", I meant a separate subnet (not duplicated IPs). The idea indead is to minimize the replication traffic.

        On the other hand, you might want to look at "Install from Media" feature - you can ship the server and dcpromo it onsite using the system state of another DC (file that can be shipped with the server).
        For more details:
        Guy Teverovsky
        "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"