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KCC & NTDS auto created connections

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  • KCC & NTDS auto created connections


    I have been trying to learn about AD Sites & Services over the weekend in an attempt to diagnose our network and correct some of the problems here.

    One thing I am unsure about are the automatically created NTDS connections between Domain Controllers.

    Should a network be "fully meshed" - that is, have a link automatically created to all other domain controllers for replication, or does the KCC only create 3/4 links ?

    We have 10 domain controllers spread out in 1 huge site and I expected to see each DC linked to 9 others. (Geographically we are 5 sites, but as they are linked by LES100 connections it was left as 1 site)


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    Re: KCC & NTDS auto created connections

    Solved it myself

    Unless mistaken - each DC will know to replicate to 3 other DCs in order to reduce traffic and optimise the spread of information.

    I hope this is correct as I can not find any replication errors at all within our domain to say otherwise.