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Delegate a user to create mailbox

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  • Delegate a user to create mailbox


    I've created delegation on my AD so that my sys admin in europe will have only the ability to manage users/computers/groups.

    When he create a new user he cannot create new mailbox for the created account, he cannot choose where to create the mailbox - the option is missing.

    I don't want him to become exchange administrator, what delegation do I have to give him, either on the AD or the Exchange so he can create the mailbox but still will not be an exchnage admin?

    Thanx, Amir.

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    Re: Delegate a user to create mailbox

    You need to give him Exchange Vew Only Administrator right. More details over here:
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      Re: Delegate a user to create mailbox

      Can someone point me to a doc that describes how to delegate the minimum Create Mailbox perms for Exchange 2003?

      Exchange Admin rights are too great to give to HelpDesk just to create MBs.