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ADMT question - NT to WIN 2003

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  • ADMT question - NT to WIN 2003

    Does anyone have any experience in migrating user profiles with ADMT? I have a unique scenario where I am migrating from NT 4.0 to WIN 2003 AD. All users are in both domains. Since both are being used I canít delete or move any Ė or use ADMT to migrate users. I know that ADMT can be used to migrated computers with the option of migrating files, registry, local profiles etc. Hereís what I did.

    1. Configured both domains for ADMT (trusts, security etc)
    2. Have 1 XP pro PC that has only logged onto NT 4.0 domain with 2 user accts: testAD1 and testAD2. These accounts also exist in my WIN2K3 domain so as to match my clientís current setup.
    3. I ran ADMT to migrate this computer to the WIN2K3 domain and selected it to migrate local profiles. The PC did migrate. IT showed up in the computers OU in the WIN2k3 domain.

    Hereís the problem: The profile does not appear to have moved. Before running ADMT, I checked in c:\docs and settings and the profiles NT4domain\testAD1 and NT4domain\testAD2 were there. I guess I thought by migrating the computer and local profile (running ADMT), Iíd now also see in c:\docs and settings WIN2K3domain\testAD1 and WIN2K3domain\testAD2. Not that case. I know that profiles normally are created the first time a user logs on so I also did this. Before running ADMT I placed 3 text files in the My docs folder for each profile for NT 4.0 (testAD1 and testAD2). When I went to logon to the WIN2K3 domain and the WIN2K3domain\testAD1 and WIN2K3domain\testAD2 profiles were created, I was testing to see if those text files would be transferred. Does ADMT do this? Some of my clients PCís will have several user profiles and the only reason to migrate the profiles is because they have docs in My docs.

    So, this is my real problem and what will add lots of admin time to this migration. So the real question is this.

    Can I move users docs from My docs, My pics etc from one profile (NT 4.0) to the other (WIN2K3)? Is there a way to automate this? Will ADMT work?
    Again, because users are in both domains I donít need to migrate users. As long as a trust is setup they should be able to logon right away. But their docs and profile structure wonít be.

    Thanks for reading and any advice you have!!

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    Re: ADMT question - NT to WIN 2003

    Have never done it this way, but looks like your only option is to use "Security translation Wizard" and choose "Other objects specified in file", where the file is the mapping of old accounts to new accounts. Search ADMT v3 help for "Use an Include File" for more details.
    Guy Teverovsky
    "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"