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RPC server is unavailable?

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  • RPC server is unavailable?

    Hi all!
    I have 1 server and 4 groups, OS is win 2000.
    I want to use a snap-in on my server to use computer managment of my clients. I want to do this because in computer managment I can force a remote shutdown on my clients. BUT when I want to make a snap-in of computer-managment of a CLIENT I get the message:
    "win32:RPC server is unavailable"

    I can ping from server to client and viceversa, so the link works.
    Any help is welcome!!

    thx all

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    Have a look at steps 4 and 5 to see if that may help.;en-us;Q224370

    Also, what Event ID does the Event Viewer display and is there anything in the Description pane?
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      Re: RPC server is unavailable?


      When i try to access this web page =;en-us;Q224370 The link said is NOt unable !

      IF u have another link to result this matter please Help me , is urgent


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        Re: RPC server is unavailable?

        Try this one


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          Re: RPC server is unavailable?

          Check the DNS settings on your clients. Their network card settings for DNS should be pointing to your server if it is the DNS server.

          Disable the firewall on the clients. Let us know what happens.
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