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Restrict network access

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  • Restrict network access

    Is there a way to restrict access to our network resource to only computer that are members of the domain? I do not want to allow users to bring in personal laptops and us it to access our network shares and printers. Is this possible?

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    Re: Restrict network access

    Yes, that's possible but not easy. Some options.
    1. Block network access by changing your DHCP scopes to use all reservations, and none open leases. This will block unsophisticated users from getting a valid IP address
    2. Use 802.1x on the switch level to give give computers access. Much more secure, but also much harder to configure.
    3. Enforce IPSEC traffic on all domain members, also known as domain isolation. There's lot's of info about this in the MS site.
    Note that these options are not functionally equivalent, but achieve similar purposes.