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AD Password Security issue

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  • AD Password Security issue

    Hi All,

    Can anyone help me with an issue we have been having in our company. I've noticed our remote sites have been creating and resetting passwords using a very generic password. Is there anyway that we can extract user accounts and passwords (encrypted) and compare against the generic password used in order to create a list of accounts that will need to change there passwords asap.

    I have an account using the generic password so I am wondering if an export of username and passwords was possible would the encrypted password be the same for one account to another using the same password used?

    I am not looking for un-encrypting all user accounts only finding the ones that match this password. I would prefer to stay away from programs that try a login on every user account as lockouts would be a possibility.


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    Re: AD Password Security issue

    You can't export passwords from AD.

    Sorry just to clarify. It is possible to export them and use software but it can be very time consuming.