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Connecting to shares from dos

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  • Connecting to shares from dos

    My company migrated to Windows Server 2003 AD and now for some reason I am nolonger able to use my network ghost bootdisk to connect to my fileserver with the images. Is there a way I can get this to work again?

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    Re: Connecting to shares from dos

    More info is needed. Also, make sure you read this:

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Re: Connecting to shares from dos

      Thanks for the link I will look into that tomorrow morning. What I am trying to do is use net use f: \\server\share I boot up the new PC with a ghost boot disk loaded with PCdos and load my network drivers. I then try an authenticate with AD to mount the share where our images are loaded. Authentication always fails so I think your link to disable SMB sign in the domain my be the trick. However not sure if that is good security practice so I may just switch to Windows RIS.


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        Re: Connecting to shares from dos

        The company I work for intensively uses Ghost imaging.
        In my cause unsuccessfully logons were caused by:

        1. Wins problem. If the clients computers are not in the same subnet like one of your DC, authentication will fail. Make sure that you have a Wins server and your DHCP also provide the Wins IP address (for a windows 2000 /2003 DHCP 046 Wins/NBNS scope or server option should be configured)
        2. The user password is too long . I noticed that if it exceeds 7 characters, the authentication fails.
        3. Incorect user logon name; It should be domain\username (Exp. contoso\user).
        4. LAN manager authentication; LM authentication should be accepted. (Group policy, Computer P, windows settings, security settings, local policies, security options, Network security)

        RIS can easy provide you more headaches.
        Try to solve your logon issue and continue to use Ghost.

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