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AD Replication Check?

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  • AD Replication Check?

    What is the best way to check the status of your AD replication on a weekly basis? I am putting together a checklist of weekly functions and this is one of them. I know that you can go in and use replmon to look at the logs or check to see if replication has failed........but I guess what I am looking for is a tool, script, or process that will allow me quickly verify that there are no issues with replication.


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    Re: AD Replication Check?

    replmon can offer you near real time check of AD replication. Just change the refresh rate to 1 min.

    or you can run,

    dcdiag on each domain controller to see if there are any errors. When you run it, near the top output will always give you a status on the last successful replication. By default, replication is every 15mins (unless you modify an AD object - create user, unlock password, etc..).