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JumpCloud Touts Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS) Alternative to Active Directory

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  • JumpCloud Touts Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS) Alternative to Active Directory

    I'd love some feedback on this article I just posted:

    JumpCloud Touts Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS) Alternative to Active Directory

    I know a few Petri readers at smaller businesses/orgs that have hardly any Microsoft infrastructure at all. For example, they use:
    • Gmail instead of Exchange
    • Basecamp instead of SharePoint
    • Salesforce instead of on-prem sales tracking
    • DropBox instead of network/shared folders
    • Google Docs instead of Office Online or Office 365

    They have Windows on desktops/laptops (and maybe some tablets), and might run the rich client Office apps, but that's it: Everything else is cloud-based and/or non-Microsoft products.

    So is a cloud-based alternative to AD the next step?
    Jeff James
    Editorial Director, Content and Community -

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    Re: JumpCloud Touts Directory-as-a-Service (DaaS) Alternative to Active Directory

    Microsoft first attempted a "cloud based" solution in Australia when it tried to get the ISPs to host Office applications and get the ISP to collect user subscriptions. This was in 1997/98. I was extremely sceptical about this business model as it takes the software out of the user's control and makes on TOTALLY reliant on the software monopolies. In this instant it failed due to the ISPs not wanting the hassle of subscription collections.

    It looks like MS and others have now achieved their Cloud dominance. I read just recently that the control Apple has over the iPhone and iPad is similar to licensing software. So we no longer buy and own the hardware but rather purchase a license to use it, just like software.

    I loathe the Cloud with a vengeance. It is bad enough that we are tracked by Google, Amazon and a plethora of other sites during our browsing but we are also tracked by various government agencies both domestic and foreign, often both at the same time and we have ZERO privacy in our personal browsing habits and personal lives. Now business are surrendering even more at the alter of the holy cloud.

    Human Resource companies outsource the mining of potential employees information where a photo or blog posted in ones teens can deprive you of a job 10 or more years later. I have a very small web footprint but type my name and no end of information appears. Hell with the right parameters I can get my name to appear at the top of a Google search.......SCARY SHIT!!

    While my above spiel doesn't directly relate to your question Jeff, it does relate. Cloud based storage terrifies the crap out of me. Remember the old saying? There are two types of networks; those that have been hacked and those that are going to be hacked. Ditto for Cloud based data. At present there is NO SECURE way of keeping your data from prying eyes; NO WAY.

    Information is power and there is a crap load of power waiting for the taking.
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