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  • tool to see folder permission

    Hi, do you guys know a tools that will scan all folder of wich an active directory user have access to ??

    I know you can check what group this user is in then check the group apply on a folder security.. but I want to know if there is a gui some where, where you only have to type the user name then it will pop up all the folder he have some right to access on the domain..


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    Re: tool to see folder permission

    I am 99% sure that Security Explorer by ScriptLogic can do it. It's commercial though...
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      Re: tool to see folder permission

      the poor man's version is acccessenum from



      its not awesome like commerical software, but its free and can be dumped to a text file, from there you can script with | find command or even put it into unix and grep the darn thing.

      you can always figure out which groups a user is in, and then match it up with the software above. a little more work than commcerical software, but its free.
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