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Scheduled date for password change

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  • Scheduled date for password change

    Hi all

    Can I set a password policy that defines a specific date for password change rather than so many days?

    The background is that my client has problems with BlackBerry/Exchange email and it's fairly simple to figure that bit out. The BB stops synchronising with Exchange when the password expires. The user's AD password must be changed and then the new password configured on the BB handset. There are 30-40 users finding that, if the password expires while they're out of the office, they have no email on the BB until they return and to help them manage this issue, would like to have everyone's password set to expire on say 1st of each month.

    The client jumped too quickly, wanting the new touchscreen handsets, I advised him that BESX no longer exists and that his current BESX does not support the new handset. He did not budget for a new license for full BES and chooses not to now.

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    Re: Scheduled date for password change

    I don't see a way to do it through Group Policy, as they're only concerned with the number of days. However, that doesn't mean you can't set up some kind of scheduled task to send out reminders.


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      Re: Scheduled date for password change

      Thanks Bertmax
      That's what I thought but it's good to get confirmation.
      Besides, I would say that to have all users change their passwords on the same day has to be less secure since it's following a known pattern