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2003 DC to 2012 DC

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  • 2003 DC to 2012 DC

    have a 2003 DC/file server that has been moved from one of our other offices ( 10.3 network to our 10.1 network ). I want to remove and change it with a 2012 server.
    2012 is currently a member server on 10.1 network and I have backed up files from 2003 server to the 2012 server.

    I assume the correct approach on the 2003 DC is to use netdom /add: <new server name> then change IP address of server, reboot then netdom /makeprimary: <new server name>.

    Then on the 2012 server change it's name to the old 2003 server name and IP to the old server IPon the 10.1 network. Make it a domain controller.

    If I take it to the old office can I just change it's IP to the 10.3 network or would it be better to leave it a member server and change it to 10.3 network and then make it a domain controller?

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    Re: 2003 DC to 2012 DC

    Can you not carry out an upgrade to 2012 and promote the 2012 server to be a DC in the current AD and after migrating all file services, DNS, DHCP, FSMO roles etc. over to the 2012 DC, demote the 2003 server from being a DC unless you want to keep it in place for some redundancy. It depends on whether you wish to move to the 2012 Forest/Domain functional level.