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Unable to replicate two servers

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  • Unable to replicate two servers

    Ok, since I was able to get my previous question answered so well i figured I would see if we can resolve this one too...

    I have a site that has two DC's.

    Server1 = 2003 SBS
    Server2= 2008

    We had a DC crash at some point before my time. A new server was spun up and on the surface everything looks to be working.however now we are getting tons of trust issues from member servers that require a reboot of said member server.

    When I try to replicate the servers i get: See attached

    I have tried the netdom command to reset the password etc with no luck.

    Looking for any info to get this going as its really becoming a problem.

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    Re: Unable to replicate two servers

    FWIW, I would strongly consider decommissioning the 2008DC (proper unpromo), then do a full metadata cleanup to remove any legacy crap from the SBS. Once you are happy AD is back to a good state, re-promo the 2008 box and all should be OK
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      Re: Unable to replicate two servers

      Yes that is my plan however it looks like AD has not replicated for some time and there are PC's on the '08 server that are not on the SBS box and vice versa.

      Its a mess.


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        Re: Unable to replicate two servers

        How long is "before my time"? If we're beyond the tombstone date then there's no hope for a repair.

        I would:
        - demote the 2008 box
        - do a metadata cleanup on the SBS box
        - for all computers that don't show on the SBS, rejoin them to the domain
        - Create any missing users, groups, contacts that aren't on the SBS box. I would imagine that this would be minimal since you would probably do most/all of that administration on the SBS box.
        - make sure the 2008 box is pointing to the SBS box for DNS
        - Make sure the SBS box is pointing to itself for DNS
        - rejoin the 2008 box to the domain and then promote it to a DC
        - If the 2008 box is also a DNS server (recommended), after the initial replication is complete, change its DNS settings to point to itself.

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          Re: Unable to replicate two servers

          prob 4 months or so. Its a complete cluster.

          The steps you mentioned were what I was thinking. This is going to be so tedious but I guess required.

          I'll update later once its complete.... should be fun....