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Adding a laptop to different domains in different offices

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  • Adding a laptop to different domains in different offices

    I am new to network administration and just finding my feet. I have a client who uses her laptop in two different offices (different companies), each with their own server and Active Directory.

    When she visits each office (after having been to the other one) we have to re-register her laptop on the domain (ie. CHANGE domain name in System Properties/Computer Name to the current office's domain) as the logon screen only allows the options of the last domain she was a member of, or log on locally. She (and all other members of staff) are members of DOMAIN USERS group so she cannot validate her laptop onto the server herself ... we have to do that for her.

    Two questions:

    1) Can she keep BOTH domains on her laptop so when she logs on she can choose from the drop-down box which domain to join to? If so, how?

    2) If not, I'd like to give her the ability to join herslef to the domain by giving her some sort of admin rigts (without any other rights!). But I'm confused between the differences in the ACCOUNT OPERATORS GROUP and the DOMAIN ADMINS GROUP. Which of these would you recommend, or should I be doing something else entirely.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Re: Adding a laptop to different domains in different offices

    I've heard this software is quite good

    I've never had the need to so i can't comment.

    Personally i would recommend a dual boot system for her. That way settings etc won't get messed up with the constant switching of networks.

    I have used the dual boot system before and it works a treat.


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      Re: Adding a laptop to different domains in different offices

      this might just be me missing the obvious (lack of sleep)

      if you do the dual boot thing,

      say you end up with
      drive C = domain A
      drive D = domain B
      drive E = data

      if drive E is set to FAT when you are logged into domain a or b you can access the fat drive,

      but for security reasons what if you wanted to set drive E to NTFS. can you give it security permissions from both domains?


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        Re: Adding a laptop to different domains in different offices

        Sorry ... I may be getting overly complicated here! Both offices are same company but use different domains which are non-trusting. The laptop is used for personal stuff and should also connect to whichever office she is in to give her access to shared drives for data (SAME shared drives and data for both offices through VPN), mail (from yet another office through another VPN) plus local access to printers, etc.

        Domain A in Office A keeps all the shared drives; when in office A she connects to the domain and just uses it.

        Office B, although on a different domain, uses the shared folders and data from server in Office A via VPN. When she logs in to Office B, she needs to authenticate on Server B, which has logon scripts for shared drive details, local printers, etc.

        She is quite confident in joining the new domain each time she changes offices (we've guided her through it enough times!)

        Will it work if I give her membership of A.D. Builtin Account Operators Group, will she be able to authenticate her laptop to the new domain each time she changes offices ... and will it give her TOO MANY administrator rights!

        If I add her to DOMAIN ADMINS, this will solve the problem, but it will definitely give her too much access!

        Or is there a better solution.