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Published printers dissapearing from AD

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  • Published printers dissapearing from AD

    Hi All,

    We are struggling with an annoying problem that we can't seem to resolve, so I thougth I'd just post it here.

    This is our infrastructure in a nutshell:

    6 remote sites that each connect to a central datacenter over a WAN link. Every site has it's own DC and print server (Windows Server 2012 & Windows Server 2008R2 respectively). For every remote site, an AD site was created.

    When we add printers to the print servers, the printers get published in AD. We can see the print queue objects being created and we can do AD lookups so no problem there. However, after 24 hours the printers are deleted from AD.

    I've then enabled the printer pruning events on all DC's an was able to see that the remote DC's are trying to reach the print servers of other AD sites. This will always fail because intersite communication isn't allowed (only to the datacenter).

    Apparently the DC on site 1 is trying to reach the print server on site 2 (TCP 445). When this fails 3 times, the printers gets pruned from AD.

    So my question is:

    Shouldn't a DC be aware of what print servers are on the same AD site as he and only prune published printers from those print servers?
    Or should all DC's be able to reach all the print servers in a given domain?

    I hope someone can shed some light on this problem.