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create custom class and attributes & using them

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  • create custom class and attributes & using them

    Hi all,
    I am running AD on windows server 2012. As required by an SAP application, in AD, I need to create a custom group called taxgroup with 2 custom attributes called technicalUsername and technicalUserPassword. Then I need to create 3 groups based on taxgroup namely group1, group2, group3 and I need to set the values for technicalUserName and technicalUserPassword for each of these groups.

    So, firstly, for the technicalUserName and technicalUserPassword, I created 2 attributes. Then created taxgroup by creating a new class and then added these 2 attributes to it. Now how to proceed from here? How to create the group1, group2 and group3 and set the values for technicalUserName and technicalUserPassword. I've been creating the class and attributes from MMC snap-in ADSI EDIT.
    Please give your suggestions how to create such custom classes and attributes and use them?


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    Re: create custom class and attributes & using them

    I would get clarification from the software vendor. There are already fields for custom attributes and perhaps that is what they're referring to. It is very rare to have to add classes to AD manually. Changing the schema should only be done by someone who knows AD inside and out...

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      Re: create custom class and attributes & using them

      Hi Jeremy,

      thnks for yr reply

      I understood your point. But I think there will always be cases when you want to create your own attributes or object classes, with the object classes having the custom attributes.
      Previously I've been using SUN Java Directory Services (LDAP) and was able to create the object classes and attributes and use them successfully.
      For e.g, there I created taxgroup based on groupOfUniqueNames and then added the 2 attributes TechnicalUserName and TechnicalUserPassword. Then I created group1 based on taxgroup and added the relevant values for TechnicalUserName and TechnicalUserPassword.....
      Just wanted to know how to do this in AD.
      Do give other suggestions, if any.



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        Re: create custom class and attributes & using them

        Well I've seen quite a lot of AD environments but I've never manually changed the AD schema... Surely applications as Exchange updated it, but not manually

        But this might help?

        Note - I'm not going to take any responsibility in this....
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          Re: create custom class and attributes & using them

          thanks Dumber,

          Ok...I'm quite new to AD so I might be thinking in the wrong direction...Pls suggest how to proceed in my case (SAP application)....
          Otherwise I'll need to look into other possibilities...



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            Re: create custom class and attributes & using them

            Talk to SAP - they will have scripts to do what they need you to do.
            If you do it yourself, you risk b***erring everything in AD

            If they won't help, don't use their software
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