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Removing a non-replicating DC

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  • Removing a non-replicating DC

    We have a situation where we need to remove one of our DC's due to it not replicating the SYSVOL and NETLOGON folders, we have ran tests on the rest of the DC's and that one, and the tests from the sick DC pass, from the good DC's it fails.

    We have tested replication by placing a text file in each NETLOGON folder and the good DC's replicate the file instantly, the sick DC does not get the new files nor replicates out its one.

    We have already built a new DC and promoted it and it is now working without issue.

    Now normally you would run dcpromo to remove a DC from a domain, however we are reluctant to do this as we are not getting replication so even if the dcpromo worked the odds are high that the DC information would remove on the good DC's

    This led us to basically turning off the sick DC, then following a process to remove an orphaned DC, the sick DC is a global catalogue along with all of our other DC's.

    So looking for suggestions on which is the best method, what have people done in this circumstance etc



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    Re: Removing a non-replicating DC

    I would have attempted to demote the DC using dcpromo. If that did not work out, the next step is simply to perform a metadata cleanup. Its not a major event to do the cleanup. There are several articles on how to do this process on
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      Re: Removing a non-replicating DC

      Just curious, but have you tried rebuilding SYSVOL?

      Whats the forest functional level?

      What errors are you seeing in the FRS logs?
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