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Object replication

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  • Object replication

    Hello guys and gals,

    I am currently running a test environment with two separate domains. In one domain I have a root domain with a PDC and a child domain with its own DC. The other set up is a single domain with a PDC and a Backup DC. Here is what I want to know:

    1. For the domain with root and child domain is there a way to replicate objects such as users and computer between the parent and child DCs? Can I tell active directory specifically what objects I want to replicate?

    2. For the domain with PDC and BDC can I stop replication between the primary and backup domain controllers? Can I tell active directory specifically want objects I want replicated and leave all other objects as is?

    valenski says thanx.

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    Re: Object replication

    1) Global Catalog servers will have some information about objects in other domains (SIDs and other attibutes -- IIRC there is a way of specifying which attributes get replicated to GCs)

    2) There is no such thing as PDCs and BDCs since Windows 2000 -- all DCs are equal (but some are slightly more equal than others). But to answer your question, no, everything in the domain will get replicated or AD will stop working properly (as an exception, RODCs - Read Only DCs - will only get a copy of selected objects)
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      Re: Object replication

      Will the attribute editor in ADSI edit allow me to set values for active directory to replicate user accounts from the parent domain controller to the child domain controller? I read in a microsoft article that only configuration and schema information a replicated between parent and child domains by active directory.

      valenski says thanx.


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        Re: Object replication

        The AD domain directory partition (where user accounts are) doesn't replicate between parent and child domains or between other domains in the same Forest.

        The Global Catalog will hold a partial, read-only copy of select attributes from each domain directory partition in the Forest. It does not hold a full, writeable copy of the AD domain directory partition.

        The nature of replication between domain controllers in the same domain is to replicate all objects in the domain. Each domain controller is authoritative for it's copy of the AD database.