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Schema Master Role Problem

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  • Schema Master Role Problem

    I have an on going problem, see my previous thread, and after running DCDiag,
    it reports that my Schema Master FSMO role is held by a server that is no longer connected to my network. I cannot however force it to another server by using the Schema Master snap in.

    Will a Sieze of the Roles to another DC solve the problem, even though this server no longer exists ??

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    Re: Schema Master Role Problem

    Yes, that will solve the problem. However, you should

    1. make sure that the original server never comes back on the network
    2. Do a metadata cleanup of the original server.


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      Re: Schema Master Role Problem

      Sorted, Thanks for the reply

      netdom query FSMO has proved it !

      However it took a few attempts as the seize kept failing with LDAP errors. I think this is down to another problem I have regarding DNS running simitaniously on two other AD servers. They want DR and I think this is where all the problems stem from.


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        Re: Schema Master Role Problem

        If I remember it right, this is normal. During the sieze process, the ntdsutil attempts to contact the original FSMO holder to try a graceful transfer and if it fails (with those LDAP errors - not being able to bind to original FSMO holder) it brute forces the process.
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          Re: Schema Master Role Problem

          That sounds right Guy, it tries to do it nicely and then fails.

          Also, as the first chap mentioned, doing a metadata cleanup after siezing a role is more than a good idea.

          Here are links to help you with that part (It may look like a long process, but its cake):

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