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  • Admin credential for Tech Support

    Hi Guys kindly need your help, im facing a problem to give our tech support admin credential, im already allow them as admin, but firstly they need to move the computers to the OU. But seems they are not to happy to do that. The problem also happened when they want unjoin and joint back the domain, access denied has appear when they put their login id but its working well in my id.

    I also think to give them one domain admin account, but that account must be denied from access other pc or server. its only use for authentication, but is it possible to do that?

    Or you guys have any good idea to advise?

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    Re: Admin credential for Tech Support

    Create a security group for these folks and use the delegation wizard to provide them the authority to perform specific actions. Moving computer objects around and removing/adding hosts to the domain is straight forward.

    Delegation Wizard on TN
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      Re: Admin credential for Tech Support

      +1 for Delegation Wizard. Just make sure to document the permissions you provide the group in a way that can be understood.