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Lingered Object... URGENT, Please Help

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  • Lingered Object... URGENT, Please Help

    Windows 2k SP4, 1 parent domain, 3 child domains.

    I delete an account in one child domain, one week later if i look (Entire Directory)for that account in AD Users and Computers (from one gc in the parent domain) the account still appear, if i select the name of the child domain instead "Entire Directory" the account doesnt appear.

    If i look for the account from a gc in the child domain the account doesnt exists.

    I follow the;en-us;314282 but when i click on Run i receive a :

    ***Call Modify...
    ldap_modify_s(ld,'(null)',[1] attrs);
    Error:Modify:Operations Error.<1>

    Any idea ???

    I'm using an account that belongs to Enterprise, Schema and Domain admin groups.


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    Re: Lingered Object... URGENT, Please Help

    A user account has two versions. One in its own domain, and a reduced version in the Global Catalog (GC) in other domains. What you are seeing is that the user has not been removed from that particular GC. That probably means that this GC is not replicating (more precisely, that the GC partition is not replicating. Could be a network problem, blocked ports and the like)

    Please install the support tools from the SP4 CD, and run DCDIAG. This will point out most serious problems.


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      Re: Lingered Object... URGENT, Please Help


      Thanks for the reply, one more thing:

      I create a new user and delete another one from the same child domain, this particular changes was reflected in the same day.

      When i run replmon and make a replication i dont have any error with the servers in the child domain or between the GC's in the parent and child domain.

      Anyway right now i will run dcdiag.

      I have 148 DC's in my network so the dcdiag take a time.


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        Re: Lingered Object... URGENT, Please Help

        does "repadmin /replsum" (do not remember if available in W2K) or "repadmin /showreps" come up with any errors ?
        (those will take much less time than dcdiag on all DCs)
        Guy Teverovsky
        "Smith & Wesson - the original point and click interface"


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          Re: Lingered Object... URGENT, Please Help

          I wasn't suggesting to run dcdiag everywhere! Just do it on the 'slow' GC for starters.

          One useful variant to check replication quickly: repadmin /showvector dc=your,dc=domain /latency

          That will you give you a list on the last replication time. Run that on a few DC's in several domains, and watch for that suspect GC.

          Come to think of it, the problem can also be on the DC where the user was deleted. Check that one as well.